Who Is Ketchel Air?

We are a team of experienced, dedicated airplane mechanics agile enough to respond when and where you need us.

Company Value

Every time we work on a plane, we understand the ultimate goal is to keep the lives aboard the aircraft safe. Therefore, we work carefully, take quality assurance measures, and reference best practices to ensure our clients, their cargo and aircraft arrive at their next destination safely.

The relationship with our clients is built on mutual respect and trust. We take the responsibility of preserving this relationship seriously. We don’t cut corners, we set realistic timelines, and deliver honest quotes.

Every minute longer than necessary that your airplane is on the ground is a reflection of our name. We work carefully to get the problem fixed, but we do so as expediently as possible.

We are not part-changers, just guessing at what the problem and spending on needless parts. We troubleshoot problems and test our theories to give you an informed diagnosis.

We view the relationship with our clients as a partnership, sharing information to arrive at a solution as efficiently as possible. We keep them informed and involved throughout the project to ensure ease of mind.


You want to feel comfortable in your aircraft, and make a good impression on your passengers. Plus, clean planes have a lower likelihood of developing maintenance problems. All reasons you should make cleaning and detailing your plane a priority. But it’s a sensitive process. If an inexperienced person gets water in the wrong area, you may find yourself in need of our AOG response team.

Save yourself the hassle, entrust your aircraft cleaning and detailing to real mechanics who understand how make your plane look like new, without causing damage.


It’s a privilege to get up each day and do this exciting work. Every day presents new challenges and forces me to take a unique approach, like an ever-changing puzzle. My diverse background, which spans maintenance and piloting, gives me the skill set I need to solve the puzzle efficiently and effectively. The work I do is a point of pride, and so I’m focused and fastidious, but I never miss an opportunity to have fun and be grateful that I get to live out my passion.

President, Founder Ketchel Air

FAA Airframe & Powerplant Licenced Mechanic and Inspection Authorization

US airways and JetBlue aircraft maintenance experience

11 years piloting experience

14 Years maintenance experience

As a maintenance controller for the largest regional cargo carrier in the world, I would need Ketchel Air services on a regular basis. Harry was always able to get us in and out with minimal delay, if any at all, and we could make the mission to please our customers. His knowledge, skill base and professional manner were just what we were looking for with a route far from our FBO in the New England area. We were glad to have Harry Ketchel and Ketchel Air as part of our on-call maintenance while we operated a route in the HXD/SAV market.”

Lee R. Maintenance Controller

“Top notch service and superb work. Probably the best aircraft wash I’ve gotten.”

Jake DHC-6 Pilot


We are proud to have coverage throughout the U.S.

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA

Kissimmee, FL

Houston, TX

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